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I live in the Yukon in a remote community. I spend most of my time struggling with mental health issues which i’ve recently started to blame on the capitalist system & overall fucked up world, and this has been going well for me. My artistic practice is a blundering convergence of video, text, & still imagery. The bulk of my creations for the past years have been video, with a recent return to painting, in part as an attempt to be calmer (this has been going so-so) & in part that i love it. Soon i expect these two worlds will rather violently collide & i’m here for it. Oh, & almost everything i make is pink.

I make hyper-saturated (read pink), frenetically edited, & often repetitively looped images. i’m in general not interested in filmic visual conventions and narrative structures since they are so boring. Repetition is used as a premise for exploring the human experience & the relationship to the external world (read obsessive tendencies). Most of the work is incredibly anxious (odd) & i spend lots of time watching bad sci-fi and wondering about potential futures (hence anxiety). Images of nature are often subjected to mechanized editing techniques to reflect on the intersection between the natural world and technology, & to likely desperately try to situate ourselves.

But what I actually mean to say is: the world is fucked. the bees are all dying. & we are all going to burn. Or maybe drown. Or both. I bid you godspeed.

See news for the list, but i have screened at video festivals internationally, such as Athens Digital Art Festival (Greece, 2019, 2018, 2017, & 2014), European Media Arts Festival (Germany, 2017 & 2014 + We, The Enemy tour), Antimatter [Media Art] Festival (Canada, 2022, 2017 & 2016), Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (USA, 2018 & 2017), Experiments in Cinema (USA), Festival Les Instants Vidéo (France, 2015 & 2014), Video Babel Festival (Peru), Jornadas de Reapropiación (Mexico), & Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá (Colombia, + Mujeres, Subversión en la imagen experimental en movimiento tour), and exhibited at galleries such as Ohio State University Mansfield Gallery, Harcourt House, Latitude 53, Stride Gallery, and Artspace. I hold an MFA from the University of Western Ontario & a BFA Honors from the University of Alberta, & am currently a permanent faculty instructor at the Yukon School of Visual Arts. I am the founder and producer of Cold Cuts Video Festival, & despite hating winter, currently live & work in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

some videos available for distribution through VTape

for inquiries ~ nicolelrayburn@gmail.com

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