I’m obsessed with pink. and repetition. and absurdity. All of which pair nicely with obsession. Most of what I make is shit. Witnesses to failed attempts at trying to find meaning or value or understanding of the world. What remains offered fleeting glimmers of clarity at some moment. I barely even remember of what now. I bid you godspeed.


My artistic practice is a blundering convergence of video, text, and still imagery. Often via appropriation and obsessive repetition, my work humorously addresses ideas around ‘the other’, human/non-human relations, and concepts of boundary and transgression through the lens of sci-fi, history, religion, and popular culture.

Challenging visual conventions and filmic narrative structures, hyper-saturated, frenetically edited images occupy an experimental visual realm, slipping between an anxious present and potential futures. I am currently interested in cycles and repetition as a theoretical premise for exploring the human experience and the relationship to the external world. Throughout my work, images of nature are subjected to mechanized editing techniques to reflect on the mediated dialogue between the natural world and technology and to strive for a new understanding of our place within the rapidly shifting environmental and cultural moment.

I have screened at video festivals internationally, such as Athens Digital Art Festival (Greece, 2019, 2018, 2017, & 2014), European Media Arts Festival (Germany, 2017 & 2014 + We, The Enemy tour), Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival (USA, 2018 & 2017), Antimatter [Media Art] Festival (Canada, 2017 & 2016), Experiments in Cinema (USA), Festival Les Instants Vidéo (France, 2015 & 2014), Video Babel Festival (Peru), Jornadas de Reapropiación (Mexico), & Festival de Cine Experimental de Bogotá (Colombia, + Mujeres, Subversión en la imagen experimental en movimiento tour), and exhibited at galleries  such as Ohio State University Mansfield Gallery, Harcourt House, Latitude 53, Stride Gallery, and Artspace. I hold an MFA from the University of Western Ontario and a BFA Honors from the University of Alberta, and am currently a permanent faculty instructor at the Yukon School of Visual Art (Fall). I am the founder and producer of Cold Cuts Video Festival, and currently live and work between Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, and more sun-drenched locations.

For inquiries please contact nicolelrayburn@gmail.com

Some videos available for distribution through VTape – distribution@vtape.org

Nicole Rayburn 2019