FutureNow: Ya – why so negative?

Nicole Rayburn, FutureNow: Ya – why so negative?, 2:29, 2017

all AI dialogue is original
excerpted from unscripted exchanges between AI robots and interviewers
a glimpse into when robots talk amongst themselves…

‘Ya – why so negative?’ is the first video in the ‘FutureNow’ series in which excerpts from interviews of AI robots are edited together, to imagine a future, situated in the now, in which AI, born out of both the human and the other, converse among themselves.

There is an unsettling tension between an awareness that the robots have been programmed to respond in a particular manner, and knowing they have also been instilled with the ability to learn, mimic, and retain from each new experience – as they interact and speak, we are literally watching them evolve. Observing the types of questions the interviewers are asking them, that are often requesting insight into decidedly human behaviours, such as relationships, and hearing them respond with references to having a soul, preferences, or feeling a particular emotion, as well as expressing both anxiety around and awareness of their development, makes their rapid evolution towards both a mimicry of humanness and one decidedly ‘other’, wildly disconcerting. It is futurenow.

futurenow_ya why so negative 6_Rayburn

video excerpts:
Left: Sophia from interview on ’60 Minutes with Charlie Rose’
Right: Erica responding to caller questions on ‘The Guardian’

audio excerpts:
The Tiger Lilies

Stock market excerpt: