The Trials of Which Witch?

The Sabbath Dance, 0:18 (looping gif), 2016

*The Trials of Which Witch? is a continuation of my larger research into the figure of the witch. This project will be a drawing-based animation series, which will be the third component in a larger body of work that traces the witch through historical constructions, actual persecutions, and the transformations of this character into contemporary representation. This component focuses specifically on the trial scenarios of three accused witches through a standardized set prosecution questions and explores the possible answers and consequences.


Research began at The Palace of Inquisition, in Cartagena, Colombia, which was was used during the colonial period as a courthouse, torture chamber, jail, and execution grounds for those accused of witchcraft during the Spanish Inquisition. Documentation from this excursion will support the development of The Trial of Which Witch?, which will be an animated re-creation of three witch trials based on historical images and documents of each set of responses.

Photo from The Palace of Inquisition, Cartagena, Colombia

* Project in research stages

Nicole Rayburn 2016