like evenly spaced plants

like evenly spaced plants, 4:25, 2018

 a dreadful war of organic beings. going on in the quiet woods. & smiling fields; when plants engage in battle, widely & perfectly spaced; when plastic is more real than real, and boundaries are confused; when the struggle for existence is both brutal & beautiful; when we all play the fuckedup game

like plants 14

audio excerpts: Le Tigre (Deceptacon, DFA Remix – license pending), Patrick Lieberkin (, & ERH (
excerpts: Charles Darwin, Origin of the Species (‘a plant of the edge of a desert…’ & ‘a dreadful war of organic beings…’) & James Howard (Hist – now for a…)
filmed at: Reserva de la Biósfera Ría Celestún, México
with support of: Yukon College Research Fund

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Nicole Rayburn 2018